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It’s about our community, everyone coming together to create a city that’s livable for both young and old. We are all aging and most everyone wants to age in place.

There’s nothing in Walnut Creek like Walnut Creek Village non-profit organization. – Services are available for people seeking to age in place, but they are provided by numerous organizations and there are gaps in coverage. You must call around town to connect with what’s available.

One call to the Walnut Creek Village lets you tap into everything. We seek to provide necessary services not available elsewhere. You need it – Anyone trying to age in place can benefit from many of our services. You will have peace of mind knowing you are prepared for the future. You need it – If your parents live in Walnut Creek. You care about the quality of life of our aging population, and you want to support a proven service model.

The village movement started in Boston 15 years ago and has spread across the country. Walnut Creek Village is a member of the Village to Village network. The Village movement has been recognized by NBC Nightly News and CBS Sunday Morning. Please join us in building a vital organization that helps members lead vibrant, active and healthy lives, while living in their own homes and neighborhoods.
Contributions to the Village are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permissible by law.

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